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How to Style a Slicked-Back Bun in Seconds (Updated 2023)

Slicked-back buns have dominated cool girl hair for over a decade. There are several benefits to the hairstyle, despite its unassuming appearance. Updos are stylish and understated, while giving off an air of easy luxury, a hallmark of the clean girl aesthetic (aka minimal makeup and sleekly bound hair). According to celebrity hairstylist Kathleen Riley, it is a powerful hairstyle. "It's elegant and simple at the same time, showcasing the face beautifully." In addition, the style is universal. Hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos recommends a slicked-back bun for any hair texture. Having a low manipulation protective style has never been easier or quicker. It's quick, easy, and requires very little technique."

Out-the-door strategies benefit from the minimalist approach as well. According to hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons, "I love this style because it is so sexy and chic, yet can be easily achieved on days when time is short but you still want a sophisticated appearance." Be sure not to underestimate the versatility of this style. A sleek bun can take on so many different forms, Riley says. Is that all there is to it? Ensure that no hair is out of place before wearing.

Slicked-back buns made easy

It is possible to comb back straight hair or part it straight down the middle, slick back your hair at a low level, and comb straight back your hair at a high level. It is important to present your face in a neat and seamless manner.

Comb your hair straight

If you want to style your hair, it is important to consider both its texture and density. Make sure your hair can be easily tied in a ponytail by combing it out until it is easy to do so. Hair should be blown straight before styling to make it look more polished.

Using a moisturizing cream or detangler will help

Use a cream or oil to moisturize lengths before styling to make them look extra slick and to protect them. The style is also harmed by knots. you need to detangle your hair completely. The Salwa Petersen Chebe Hair Milk One Step Detangler is recommended for thick or textured hair.”

To add the most shine to your hair, we found Oribe's Supershine Moisturizing Cream to be the best moisturizing product.

Make a ponytail

An updo is created by twisting a ponytail before bunning. To create the perfect pony, the experts work in sections. A ponytail is tied at the back, and Riley adds the sides after parting her hair at the front. To distribute natural oils (hello, organic shine), use a boar bristle brush and non-snagging elastic to secure the pony. In order to achieve the desired look, wrap your ponytail around the bun base and secure the ends with hairpins.

The downsides of the slicked-back bun

In addition to its many benefits, the slicked-back bun does have some drawbacks. It takes time and attention to execute the seemingly simple style, which almost always requires natural oil or additional products. Moreover, as discussed above, slick-back buns are executed by smoothing texture, and manipulating your mane's natural curl pattern regularly is best avoided if you want to keep your hair in good condition.

Physical problems can also arise from tight hairstyles. In some people, taut styling causes headaches, while overstyling can result in hair loss. In order to avoid a literal and figurative headache, make sure your slicked bun looks tauter than it is.

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