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The Art of Hair Cutting Perfected – Glendale’s Best Unisex Salon

If you are visiting The Americana at Brand for the first time, you should know there is only one hair-cutting salon. If you’d like a trim or a total change of your look, the friendly hair stylists will show you a plethora of relevant options. You will leave with the latest style for your hair and the best nourishment to keep it healthy. Established in 2001, this unisex hair-cutting salon in Glendale has been winning over some of the most demanding clients. Everyone loves repeat business because it saves money from their budget by making marketing obsolete. If you need real marketing results, the most effective option is word-of-mouth or customer advocacy.

The key is a hands-on experience (2001-2022)

As Glendale’s top destination for a haircut, the elegant and spotlessly clean salon has other services too. First, let’s clarify that it is a unisex hair cutting salon in Glendale where specialists in hair cutting, coloring, styling, and eyebrows' microblading offer their services. My entire family visits this cutting-edge salon in one trip for their hair styling or coloring. We don’t need to visit separate salons for ladies and gents.

As someone with a career spanning thirty-three years, I’ve had my hair cut at various five-star hotels while on a long trip out of state. It’s satisfying to know that though I pay top dollar while traveling, this salon with its bespoke treatment of each customer has superior service. Location can make a big difference in attracting customers. The owner of this salon has hit the nail on the head by setting up at this popular mall in Glendale. Now, I can plan multiple things in one trip to the hairdresser because the mall has an array of clothing stores and my favorite bookstore.

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