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The Salon at Americana’s Repair and Retreat Methods: Fix the Damaged Hairs

This is the era of experiments. We often do experiments with many things to show off our creativity and flaunt our beautiful shelves in front of our friends and the world. There are many things that are fun to try. Everyday hair styling experiments and so much pollution in the environment damages our hair very badly.

Below we have discussed some methods to fix, retreat, and repair the damage to the hair.

Always lower the temperature of the tool

Curling iron, straighteners, and blow dryers work like magic wands to transform your hair into more voluminous and beautiful. Excess use of these heat tools damages the hair and causes brittleness, dryness, and flyways. Our full service hair salon at Americana always takes care of the temperature to maintain your hair healthy.

Wet hairs needed to be handled with care

Every hair is vulnerable when they are wet. The damage potentiality really accelerates when the wet hair is in a curly and fragile condition. Never brush your hair when wet unless the brushes are specifically designed for it. Always pick a wide-tooth comb to detangle the hair. Do not rub the hair after the hair wash. Gently bloat the hair with microfiber clothes.

Opting for rich, healing hair masks, suitable shampoo, and nutrient-rich conditioners are the best

Hair masks are full of reparative and moisturizing ingredients that are very helpful for hair growth. It contains ingredients like vitamins, oils, and other naturally sourced elements. Never forget to condition the hair after shampooing. Shampoo and conditioners work like bodyguards for hair. It adds moisture and prevents the hair from frizziness and unruly hair. Always select a sulfate-free shampoo to treat the damaged hair.

Split-end trimming is very necessary

As a tiny snag unravels a huge portion of the garment, likewise, a single split end spoils the whole hair length. To prevent split ends, go for regular trimming and use fortifying shampoo, conditioners, and leave-in creams.

Hydrate your hair frequently as you do for your skin

To avoid brittle and fragile hair, hydrate the hair with hydrating shampoo, conditioners, masks, and serums. This is the best way to prevent the hairs from further damage. For more suggestions and advice on Women’s haircuts contact us at our salon at Americana today.

We work hard to provide every hair service to our clients. We suggest to our clients many pieces of advice to take care of their hair health more efficiently. For your productive hair session, give us a call today!

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